New Season, Many Thanks

Eric Funk (Mountain Chill Program Director)

We are on the cusp of a brand new spring season. Since we went on the air in Telluride in 2011, we’ve emphasized the importance of providing a personal touch in these modern times. We’ve made the work of current, up-and-coming, and in-demand music creators the cornerstone of our music format.

We’ve also invited local businesses to partner with our favorite DJ-hosted shows, so that our DJ’s can share not only their love of music, but also their love of our local vibe. I’d like to say thanks to all of the show sponsors who have made our winter season shows possible this year.

Many thanks to:

Morning MixtapeTelluride Sports

Lunch LoungeSan Miguel Power Association

Evening RideRyder Walker Alpine Adventures

We also offer a special thanks to La Cocina De Luz/ Caravan for sponsoring the weather and Between the Covers Bookstore for sponsoring the weekly cover song feature. Both have been sponsoring since 2012!

Thanks to these long term sponsors and a long list of additional sponsors promoting local events, products and shops, we are looking forward to a brand new spring season packed with transmitter and studio upgrades to top off all of the great music.

As I recently wrote in a Facebook Group discussion for industry people, many of whom are becoming disenchanted with commercial radio’s gravitation to AI and increased de-personalization, it’s a great time to be a family owned commercial station and a great time to redefine what radio can do in this new era.

If you run a business, it’s also a great time to be on-air with us. Please reach out to me, Eric, at 877-270-4361 or <> to learn more.

New Season, Many Thanks

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