On breaking the music programming rules…

Apparently I’ve been wrecking my radio programming career by not following the credo.

“Never add a song because you like it. Everyone gets that in theory but in practice that number one rule has destroyed many programming careers. As usual, there are a wide range of reasons why people fail to adhere to this basic credo.”


Here are three reasons that media programmers should nearly never adhere to this kind of credo:

1) In a creative endeavor, personal taste is the top thing that distinguishes human work from the algorithms. There’s a reason that good restaurants employ a sommelier.

2) If you don’t like what you are doing, people aren’t stupid, it will show.

3) It’s demonstrably wrong. KRKQ has been built around music discovery and selection for over a decade. I used to find the term “tastemaker” pretentious, but in the world of mass media, it’s as close as we get to a human element that makes the endeavor worthwhile.

On breaking the music programming rules…

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