New Music – John Cale

Eric Funk

2023 is shaping up to be an incredible year for new music. This week’s standout is a new one from my favorite violist who is currently age 80! John Cale’s new one is entitled Mercy.

Cale was the enigmatic member of The Velvet Underground who was kicked out by Lou Reed. Rolling Stone says “Cale demonstrates his optimism by hanging out with younger musicians and often centering the album around contemporary rhythms, like the hip-hop he’s long considered to be a modern avant-garde.” The New York Times also did a recent retrospective on Cale’s career and the new release. Incidentally, this music video features visual elements from throughout Cale’s career.

BTW, I gave up playing the viola in college in favor of spinning weird music on college radio. But I hope that I can age as with as much class as Mr. Cale.

John Cale – “Noise of You” from Mercy.
New Music – John Cale

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