Top Spins – 8-November-2022

BIB10, Stephen Wilkinson’s 10th album recording as Bibio, retains its top spot on our charts this week. The album revels in vintage guitar and old-skool production sounds. New neo-swing from Bebo Best enters in at number 2 and Thievery Corporation’s Eric Hilton jumps to number 3 with an advance from his forthcoming Present Past and Future. #downtempo #electronica #radio #topspin

Top Spins – 8-November-2022

5 thoughts on “Top Spins – 8-November-2022

      1. richardjdalton says:

        I have two theories:

        (1) It’s as you said, a wonderful trend.

        (2) In a secret laboratory in the San Juan Mountain Range, you’ve constructed a time machine and installed a wired studio-to-transmitter link, with the transmitting side in the past, and the receiver in the present. However, you’ve ignited a butterfly effect, which has created an alternate discography for artists like Ladytron. Therefore, a track like “City of Angels” is actually from the past, but it’s an alternate past. So it’s new to our timeline.

        Pretty sure it’s one of the situations above.


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