Monkey Business – Thanks Mountain Chill Listeners

Thanks to all who went on record with us to complain about interference to our signal from K238BK, aka “The Monkey.” The interference, which was especially troublesome in Norwood and along Dallas Divide has been a problem for months. Fortunately, The Monkey is now on a new frequency! To learn more, please see the “thank you” letter below that we sent to those who personally e-mailed written complaints to us about this interference.

Image: Jason Scrags. License: CC by 2.0 – no changes made.

We are grateful to count you among the numerous listeners who went on the record and filed personal complaints with us regarding interference to our signal from translator K238BK, aka “The Monkey” owned by MBC GRAND BROADCASTING, INC. in Grand Junction (MBC Grand). This interference began in May of 2017.

Initially, we had contacted and made several good faith efforts to suggest remedies that MBC Grand could use to help resolve this interference without requiring us to file an interference complaint with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). However, after a long wait, we ultimately did need to file an interference complaint with the FCC, and we did so on August 4th, 2017. On September 18th, 2017, the FCC responded with a letter to MBC Grand noting that “K238BK is required to eliminate any actual interference it causes.”

To make a long story short, MBC Grand eventually followed one of our suggested remedies, which was to request a change of frequency for K238BK from 95.5 MHz to 95.7 MHz. The FCC granted this request and as of this date in November 2017, K238BK is now broadcasting on 95.7 MHz.

We are happy to have this “monkey business” taken care of.

We are also humbled by the number of people, including yourself, who were willing to put their name down and file a complaint with us to help us protect our licensed frequency and coverage area. As a small family owned operation, this ordeal consumed a considerable amount of our resources and we weren’t altogether sure that the FCC or MBC Grand would act at all to remedy this interference. The process certainly restores in us a sense of the “power of the people” and of good and fair governance by the Federal Communications Commission.

Kind Regards,

Eric Funk, and Ethan Funk

(Co-owners of Brown Mountain Broadcasting LLC – KRKQ).


Monkey Business – Thanks Mountain Chill Listeners

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