New Season, Many Thanks

Eric Funk (Mountain Chill Program Director)

We are on the cusp of a brand new spring season. Since we went on the air in Telluride in 2011, we’ve emphasized the importance of providing a personal touch in these modern times. We’ve made the work of current, up-and-coming, and in-demand music creators the cornerstone of our music format.

We’ve also invited local businesses to partner with our favorite DJ-hosted shows, so that our DJ’s can share not only their love of music, but also their love of our local vibe. I’d like to say thanks to all of the show sponsors who have made our winter season shows possible this year.

Many thanks to:

Morning MixtapeTelluride Sports

Lunch LoungeSan Miguel Power Association

Evening RideRyder Walker Alpine Adventures

We also offer a special thanks to La Cocina De Luz/ Caravan for sponsoring the weather and Between the Covers Bookstore for sponsoring the weekly cover song feature. Both have been sponsoring since 2012!

Thanks to these long term sponsors and a long list of additional sponsors promoting local events, products and shops, we are looking forward to a brand new spring season packed with transmitter and studio upgrades to top off all of the great music.

As I recently wrote in a Facebook Group discussion for industry people, many of whom are becoming disenchanted with commercial radio’s gravitation to AI and increased de-personalization, it’s a great time to be a family owned commercial station and a great time to redefine what radio can do in this new era.

If you run a business, it’s also a great time to be on-air with us. Please reach out to me, Eric, at 877-270-4361 or <> to learn more.

New Season, Many Thanks

On breaking the music programming rules…

Apparently I’ve been wrecking my radio programming career by not following the credo.

“Never add a song because you like it. Everyone gets that in theory but in practice that number one rule has destroyed many programming careers. As usual, there are a wide range of reasons why people fail to adhere to this basic credo.”

Here are three reasons that media programmers should nearly never adhere to this kind of credo:

1) In a creative endeavor, personal taste is the top thing that distinguishes human work from the algorithms. There’s a reason that good restaurants employ a sommelier.

2) If you don’t like what you are doing, people aren’t stupid, it will show.

3) It’s demonstrably wrong. KRKQ has been built around music discovery and selection for over a decade. I used to find the term “tastemaker” pretentious, but in the world of mass media, it’s as close as we get to a human element that makes the endeavor worthwhile.

On breaking the music programming rules…

Wax Tailor Fishing For Top Spot

This week’s #topspins on 95.5 FM Mountain Chill in Telluride. Streaming links at Wax Tailor’s Fishing for Accidents is caught at the top of the charts this week. Shows this weekend in Colorado.

WAX TAILOR – Fishing for Accidents
NOSAJ THING – Continua
ROYKSOPP – Profound Mysteries III
LP GIOBBI – Can’t Let You Go [Single]
DANIEL AVERY – Ultra Truth
ERIC HILTON – Present Past and Future
VA – Tru Thoughts 2022
LITTLE SIMZ – No Thank You

Wax Tailor Fishing For Top Spot

Supreme Beings of Leisure Top the Charts

New album after 15 year hiatus.

LA trip-hop group, Supreme Beings of Leisure, returns to the top of our charts with their first release in 15 years. Charts for week ending February 21st, 2023. 95.5 FM in Telluride. Listen links at


WAX TAILOR – Fishing For Accidents

ERIC HILTON – Present Past and Future

KELELA – Raven

LITTLE SIMZ – No Thank You

ROYKSOPP – Profound Mysteries III

ARLO PARKS – Weightless [Single]

EVERYTHING BUT THE GIRL – Nothing Left To Lose [Single]

YVES TUMOR – Echoalia [Single]

YAEJI – With A Hammer [Single]

Supreme Beings of Leisure Top the Charts

Monitoring 95.5 FM in Telluride

We are currently monitoring occasional brief (under 10 second) outages on our 95.5 FM Telluride transmitter at Grayhead.

Our site at 11,000 ft. is not easily accessible this time of year, so we cannot completely assess the problem remotely.

Given the timing and nature of the outages, we are exploring the possibility that these are related to yesterday’s X1-class solar flare. More details soon.

Feel free to e-mail signal reports to us by our e-mail or social media.

Monitoring 95.5 FM in Telluride